Where To Find All Optional Conversations In The Last Of Us Part 1

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Here's where you can find all the optional conversations on The Last of Us Part 1.

Optional Conversations in The Last of Us Part 1 are side conversations that you can either choose to participate in or walk away from. There are over 40 of these conversations in the base game, and 12 in its Left Behind DLC.

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Conversations like these don't affect your game in any way. But, they tell you more about characters and the world they live in. As participating in optional conversations can be challenging, below is a guide on how you can find all easily.

At the beginning of this chapter's cutscene, Joel and Tess will agree to go and find Robert. As you both walk down the street, you will arrive at a path where many army jeeps are parked. That's called the FEDRA checkpoint.

Opposite the checkpoint, you will find a man and a woman near a red box, just before the wall. Walk up to them and talk about victims of the Fireflies.

Right after you get your backpack and weapon reloaded at this level, you and Tess will walk out of an abandoned restaurant. When Tess moves outside, you also need to walk outside and stop right outside the door. There, you can talk to her about the relationship between you two.

As the story progress, you and Tess will stumble upon an abandoned house with a lot of rotten bodies. Inside the building, you will walk into a room where there is a tunnel-like hole in a wall.

You need to crouch and enter the hole. While squatting your way out, you will find a rotten dead body by your right hand. You will get the option to talk to Tess about it.

While you, Marlene, and Tess travel through a few buildings on this level, your group will reach a bridge covered with FEDRA guards. Kill all these guards. Once they are all dead, you will find a Firefly soldier's corpse at the bridge. You can speak to Marlene about the dead fighter.

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As The Outskirts chapter begins, you need to follow Tess. When she reaches a room where she stands and looks through a window, walks up to her. You will get the chance to speak about how Marlene's group has lost a lot of people.

After you escape the patrolling soldiers with Tess and Ellie, the group will walk to a large building by the left. The building is popularly called The Goldstone Building.

As you enter through its main door, you will find a dead soldier by the wall. Now, wait for Tess to walk in, and to the dead soldiers. You can talk to her about how the soldiers were killed.

Remember to toggle your flashlight on, so you don't miss the body, because the entrance area of the building is dark due to nightfall.

Once you are with Ellie and Tess in a large gallery room at the museum, which displays American heroes, wait for Tess to walk to a broken window and lean on it.

Immediately, she will remark "Oh, shit!" Move quickly towards her and talk to her about how she is holding up.

Heads up, you will face a room filled with infected at the museum's top level before you can gain access to the gallery room where you reunite with Tess and Ellie.

After you speak with Tess about how she is faring, don't go away yet. If you do, you miss the next side conversation.

If you noticed, while you speak with Tess in the gallery, Ellie stands next to her. Immediately after you conclude your conversation with Tess, she will point and shout, "This way, this will lead us to the roof."

Don't rush to follow her just yet. Turn to Ellie and you will receive the prompts to speak with her about how she is doing too.

After you boost Ellie over a locked gate in this chapter, she will, in return, unlock the gate from the other side for you to enter. You will see a two-story house with a blue front outdoor canopy and a wooden pole in front.

Enter the house, there is an arcade machine by the left. Wait for Ellie to enter and walk near the machine. When she is there, you can talk to her if she has played the arcade game before.

While in Bill's church safehouse, walk up to the table with a chess board by the left. When you find it, move close and interact with it. This will cause Ellie to come and talk with you about the chess.

You can also get your first training manual here if you haven't yet. It is at the end of the counter near where Bill stands.

After you, Bill and Ellie pass a pool and tree house in a backyard into a home, go and climb the stairs to the second floor of the building. Wait for Ellie to come upstairs too.

When she reaches you, she will say "Hey, you got a second?" Follow her into the children's room by the right. Engage her in the room, she wants to apologize for her past behaviour.

Go back to the corridor you were in before you entered the children's room. Just before the stairs, you will see two washing machines on the left. Stop by them, there are useful supplies, to be found there.

When Bill informs you to go search Frank's house, head into the kitchen, you will find an open door that leads into a bedroom. By the left side of the bedroom. You will see a white table, there is a note written by Frank on it. Pick it up, head back to Bill and give the note to him.

There is also a health pack on the left side of the white table. Don't forget to get it for the fight ahead.

After you are done speaking to Bill, move toward the pickup truck which Ellie sits inside. You can talk to her about if she is okay driving.

After you face off against the Hunters, Ellie will help you open a steel door into a garage. When you both are inside, you will see a pile of shoes and clothes near a table where a dead man is lying.

Ellie will walk toward the stockpiled materials. You also need to, so you can discuss how people have barely survived after the outbreak.

You and Ellie need to jump from the Hunters' camp into a street that is between the camp and Pittsburgh bridge. Walk straight ahead when you are on the street.

You must pass an abandoned bus and a pickup truck. Next, you will see a car by your right which has its door open. There is a dead body with one leg inside a car's driver's seat while the rest of his body lies outside, on the ground. Walk towards the body, and you can talk about who you think killed the man.

After you and Ellie fight some Hunters and pass a bus they used, you will see a checkpoint. On its right-hand side, there is a red-written graffiti on the wall which reads "Stop feeding us lies. Give us our rations."

Be patient till Ellie walks and faces the graffiti. When she does, tell her about how the military hordes rations from civilians.

Following the cutscene where Joel notices the Hunters walking on a plank into a hotel, you need to turn around and walk back while on the flooded street. By your right, you will see a store named Laron's, with several display windows broken.

By the side of its door, you will find an advert board that showcases a white girl. Move toward it and wait for Ellie to get nearer. When she gives a remark about the girl stating "That girl is so skinny" you can talk to her about how much food you have left.

When you enter the hotel, you will find yourself near some scaffolding. Turn back and walk to the open path by the left.

You will spot a chair ahead. Walk over it, and you'll spot coffee cups, jugs, and a microwave. You will also find a coffee machine in the middle of the shelf. It has been a long since Joel had some coffee, so make sure to interact with it.

Walk to the third floor of the hotel. Now, carefully search for room number 206. Or, you can search for where a dispenser machine and 5-gallon bottles are kept. When you are at this point, turn around, and you will see a red extinguisher hanging on the wall. Walk to it and turn right. You will see a room with the tag 204. Head inside and walk past the glass door at the other end of the room.

When outside the room, turn left and jump into a window by the left. You will find the roof of the room already collapsed. Climb on the bed in the room, cling to the wardrobe by its side, and jump up to the next floor through the broken roof. Go out the door and turn left into a broken wall. It leads into a bathroom, where you will find two dead bodies in a bathtub.

Wait for Ellie to find you at that spot. You both can talk about how the two bled each other to death inside a bathtub.

After you're out of the basement in the hotel, you will walk into a corridor where you see a coat stand on the right and two tables on the left ahead. Walk past them and enter a large open door with a sign reading 'Ballroom A'.

Now turn to your right, there is a backdrop at the end corner of the room. Walk to it, and wait for Ellie to arrive there. You both can speak about the image on the backdrop.

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After you and Ellie take out the hunters at the Finance District, there are two trees on the left and right. Walk towards the tree on the right.

You will find a dead man hanging from it with his hands tied behind his back. Wait for Ellie to come over. When she does, you can share your experience of where such types of deaths.

Outside the road by the right side of the Ration Depot building, there is an armored tank. Look at the brick wall right opposite the tank, where someone has sprayed graffiti reading, "Death for Freedom"

A few dead bodies are on the ground below the graffiti.Talk to Ellie about how the dead once had family.

After you boost up Ellie past the fire escape at the Ration Depot, you both will need to drop down from the building, onto the top of a bus and then to the grounds.

A few feet ahead, you will see a building by your right. Head over to it, and wait for Ellie to come down from the bus to meet you there. You can read the sign on the building's gate named 'Military Preparatory School' and Ellie will speak about it to you.

After you and Ellie talk about the military school, turn and look in the opposite direction. You will see three abandoned cars. There is an old movie advertisement billboard up the building where the cars are abandoned.

The board reads the 'Dawn of the Wolf Part 2' Go and talk to Ellie about how you saw a similar movie ad before the outbreak.

Just as you're out of the sewer and into the street, keep walking till you meet a road that curves down to the right. Before you turn, you might barely notice a white wooden house. On the house, graffiti in red states, 'I'm armed. No Trespassing. Will Shoot On Sight.'

Go in front of the graffiti and wait for Ellie and Henry to come over. Henry will share how things went bad, Joel can join in on the conversation too.

After you and the pack are done at the white wooden house, go straight down the street. You will locate an ice cream truck. Wait for Henry and Ellie to reach there and argue about the truck. When they are done, Ellie will ask for your opinion.

When out of the sewers, locate the final house at the end of street. This is the house in the chapter that has a safe. When you are inside, you need to loot all supplies before the side conversation will be available.

When done looting, go to the living room on the first floor, you will find Ellie and Sam playing with a dart board. Wait till they finish, and play darts too, so you can get a chance to speak with Henry and Ellie.

After you and Ellie lift a gate and cross over the water in the dam, drop down from the ladder by the left into an area filled with weeds and flowers. As you go further, you will come across a log which blocks your path.

Jump over the log, and you will find a grave with a doll. Wait for Ellie to discover the grave and talk about it.

As Tommy and Maria take you on a tour in the dam, you will reach an area where some horses are kept. Ellie will shout out "No way, you guys have horses?" She will move toward a horse and pet it. While she is at it, you can tease Ellie about if she has ridden a horse before.

When Joel and Tommy are separated from Ellie, he will take you to some bunk beds. Follow him, and he will say, "I got something for you". While he searches his bag, you can engage him on what he has for you.

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After you and Tommy are done follow him outside. You both will pass a guy trying to get a tree's root out of a turbine. There is a right turn just ahead.

When you take the right, you will see a generator on the path. Ahead, you will see a woman with a rifle too. Walk up to her and talk about if you, Tommy, and Ellie are related.

You and Ellie will arrive at The University on horseback. You need to navigate the horse and cross the barricade after the gate.

On your left, you will see a building with a banner that reads 'Welcome Back Bighorns'. Ride and look up at the banner. Interact with it and Ellie will express her thought about the Bighorns.

The University has a courtyard square with a statue in the center. Look for the blue trashcan beside the short step near the courtyard. Turn left after crossing the steps. Ride the horse down that road with Ellie.

Keep riding until two black birds fly past you. Now, look to your left, you will see a Firefly symbol on the wall. Approach it, so you and Ellie can talk about it.

The moment you ride past the Firefly symbol, Ellie will call it to your attention, saying "Hey, look Fireflies!"

Once you and Ellie are inside the science building, you need to enter a door labeled Room 251 - Main Atrium from the corridor. It leads to a lobby which leads to where you find a clipboard on some stacked plastic boxes. Pick up the clipboard to have a discussion about it with Ellie.

After you escape Clickers via the sky bridge, you will reach the mine camp elevator. Turn to your right, you will see a step that leads to an upper level in the room, follow it. The first body you see, walk towards it and tell David about what you notice.

As Joel and Ellie walk through the freeway, where cars are abandoned, the side conversation prompt will discreetly appear.

This is very easy to miss, so be at full attention.

You will ordinarily—without any prompt—begin to talk to Ellie about her learning to play the guitar. Just keep your gaze on her. As you speak, a prompt will briefly appear where you can ask her what she thinks.

After you leave the freeway, you will see a long bus with airplane ads on its side. Wait for Ellie to reach there. When she does, she will tell say, "I dreamt about flying the other night". Stand by her and talk about her dream.

As you enter the bus station in the depot, wait for Ellie to come in. She walks straight to sit down on a brick-made bench. As she sits, you can walk to her and ask if everything is alright.

After you chase Ellie away from the bus station into the next building, you will come across a giraffe. Move close and interact with the animal.

After the cutscene where Ellie pets a giraffe ends, she will run to the upper floor, follow her. While she leans on a block of concrete, you can join her to watch as the herd of giraffes moves.

After passing the triage area filled with big and small tents, you will encounter an abandoned container with two tires. Ahead is the Main Bus Depot. Walk past both, and head to the city bus which has its doors open.

The bus, which is covered with leaves, blocks your way out to the main road.

As you draw closer to the bus, Ellie will call you saying "Hey Joel, I got something for ya." Turn to her and speak with her about what she stole from Tommy's Dam.

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After you get the Marlene wanted post, Ellie and Riley will enter a room with a hole in the wall and a leaking roof. Switch on your flashlight and look at the wall near the bed in the room. You will see a Firefly symbol. You can interact with it and ask Riley about her affiliation with the group.

After the story takes Ellie and Riley to the first escalators in the mall. Go to the bottom and turn right. By the right side of the motor, there is a path that leads down, labeled Parking Garage. Walk down the path. By the left, you will find a big advertisement board with a painting about vacations and travels. Interact with it to ask Riley if she is still up for a vacation.

After you are done with the travel poster, head back to the escalator. You will see a path straight in front. Following that path, you will come across another advertisement board about water guns. Interact with it, so you can tell Riley when you had a water gun in the past.

As the story progress, Ellie and Riley will find a second escalator in the mall. When they reach the bottom of the machine, you can tell her how Winston died of a heart attack.

When Ellie is done speaking with Riley about Winston's death, you will see a dead campfire and a green tent. Walk into the tent. Inside it, go straight down to where some black cloth is hanged. Below it, you will find some magazines on a table. You can search the magazine and discuss what you find with Riley.

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Go out of the tent to its outer vicinity, and look ahead there is a bench under a tree. Walk toward it. You will find a horse saddle on it. Feel free to talk to Riley about Winston's horse.

While at the Halloween costume store, after the cutscene where Ellie and Riley roar jokingly at each other with scary masks on, go straight down until you see a red coffin resting on the wall by the left.

Turn right to a shelf where three Halloween pumpkin heads are kept. Interact with the jar filled with fake eyeballs on the left side of the shelf.

All you need to do now is progress through the story, until Riley removes her green-colored mask and puts on another mask that looks like a vampire with sharp teeth and a mouth filled with blood. You will be able to talk to her after her first speech under the mask.

Go to the middle aisle in the Halloween store and pick up a green-colored witch mask. This is just by the left side of where Riley threw down her green mask earlier. After you get the mask, you can try to scare Riley with it.

Go toward the exit of the store. Just by the left corner, you will find a pigeon mask on a shelf. After you put it on, Riley will surprise you with a new mask.

After Riley welcomes your comment about her new mask saying, "Thank you, kind pigeon," you will notice some purple foldable card paper with a skull on the concrete. It is called The Skeleseer.

You need to ask the Skeleseer questions at least eight different times to complete the optional conversation here.

As the Fun and Games chapter begins, walk to the carousel. Hop onto the merry-go-round and speak with Riley while at it.

From the carousel, you can find short steps on the right. It leads down to a photo booth named ShareSnaps. Walk and enter it to trigger the final conversation.

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